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OK, so my previous announcement built up some excitement. This will be kind of a let down because I could not get the new site to look as graphically awesome as I wanted. Graphic design and I do not mix.

Well anyway, the news is that Dan bought me a domain! Yay! Please change your blog rolls and readers to the new site.

It's open yes, but I am still working on revealing a cute new design. Consider this a soft opening.

...that's what she said.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Almost Done! That's What She Said.

"Sara, your blog has been so strangely quiet lately. What gives, yo?"

Well dear Reader, I'm working on a project that requires quite a bit of my time.

"What sort of project? A lovely novel or perhaps the cure for some sort of disease?"

No, Reader. Those are both completed and stored away for a rainy day. This current project is so fan-freaking-tastic that I have to keep it under wraps until I am finished with it.

"You're stumped on some part of it, aren't you?"

You don't know me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Klick Anniversary

I sat down, anticipating writing a heartfelt, emotional blog about my darling husband and how much I love him. But I found myself at a loss for words. I spend so much time on this blog making fun of him and while it's all in good fun, it's how our relationship is. I can't describe our married life any better than I do daily on here. He makes me laugh, says silly things just to hear my chuckle, he can be a turd but he always remedies it with shoulder rubs or by scratching my back. Our life is fun together and as cliche as this sounds, I love being married to my best friend. We are not perfect, but he tries his darndest to make our life together perfect.
The love of my life has put up with me for 2 years now. 730 days of married life and he is not sick of me yet. Thank you Husband, for putting up with me when I sing theme songs and commerical jingles. Thank you for only rolling your eyes when I make fun of you on the blog. Thank you for silently smiling instead of making fun of me when I say something dumb. Thank you for teaching me things and expanding my view of the world.
Thank you for being you.

Your Wife

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag It Like You Mean It

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary but because Dan is a turd, he is making me wait until after midnight to celebrate. *sigh* So instead I shall post 7 fabulously entertaining facts about myself. I was tagged by JB at La Belle Ecrivaine. Her blog name is awesome, even though it took me over 5 minutes and 2 translation programs to figure out what it meant. I'm not making it easy for you guys. You have to google it yourself.

Anyway, 7 Things About Me. Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I am allergic to everything weird. No nut allergies, no reactions to wheat or lactose. Instead, I am allergic to cucumbers, raw potato and mosquitoes. And I randomly get hives if it's too hot, cold, humid or dry outside. I need to live in a bubble.

2. I used to work at Disneyland and still adopt my Disney phone voice. I've tried to break myself of the habit but much like a two fingered point, Disney has brainwashed it into me.

3. I get into food phases. I will have a phase where all I want to drink is Baja Blast from Taco Bell. Or Tampico. Or water with lemon. The only thing that has never phased out? Diet Coke. Because Diet Coke is the schiznit.

4. I am half ninja. No, seriously. I am half ninja and half Mexican drug lord. Watch your backs.

5. I want Martha Stewart to be my best friend. I figure she'll give me some great organization tips, bake me a molten chocolate cake and then we'd hang while chatting about peonies. I love you, Martha.

6. I often say things just to annoy Dan. He knows I'm doing it on purpose so he doesn't let it bother him but that doesn't ruin the fun for me. Tonight, I spent a good portion of the car ride home from our date singing the only line I know from the theme of The Lion King. Our conversation went like this:
Me: Ooh! The Lion King is in town!
Dan: It's at Gammage. It'll be expensive.
Me: Nants ingonyama!
Dan: It's the professional tour, and I think it's the actual Broadway cast too.
Me: Bagithi Baba!
Dan: Are you even listening to me?
Me: Sithi uhm ingonyama!

7. When I get excited, I talk really fast. When I'm super excited, my voice gets high pitched. When I'm full of caffeine and super excited, it's hard to understand me. Throw in talking with my hands, and I become a lethal weapon.

I tag The Noisy Plume, Tartraz, Thoughts and Biro Sketches, Astro Squirrel Bait, Clever Girl Goes Blog, I Hate So Much and Often Wrong Never in Doubt. All of these ladies are wonderful writers and I'm sure they will entertain us with their lists. Plus, I'm hoping they are all susceptible to peer pressure and blatant butt kissing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sara Should Rhyme with Awesome

Dan: What's with the rice?
Me: What do you mean? I like brown rice.
Dan: You only like brown rice? Why does it have to be a color issue with you?
Me: Yes, because I discriminate.
Dan: I always knew you were rice-ist.

Me: I have a job!!!
Dan: You've always had a job.
Me: Yeah, but now I have another job that pays me to go to Michaels!
Dan: This is going to be an issue.
Me: Oh look, Pier 1 is hiring.
Dan: But you have a job.
Me: I have a job!!!
Dan: You set that up just to yell excitedly about your job, didn't you?
Me: You don't know me.

So yes, you read that correctly. Yours truly has been hired at Michaels. The pay kinda sucks, the hours are shitty, but I get an additional discount and can mentally shop as I ring people up at the registers. I mean...I can be a twice contributing member of the working middle class.
I also had a fun evening at a gay bar with some old friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. I didn't realize it until after we left, but I was the token straight girl. Eff. At least I got free booze and met some great people. I should go to gay bars more often.
Our kitchen sink is clogged. You'd think this wasn't exciting to me but it is. Why? Doing dishes is like a dangerous stunt. You have to carry them to the laundry room without dropping any, wash and dry them without a lot of counter space and then cart them all back to the kitchen to put away. All while having kitties weave around your ankles. I live on the edge.
I started selling a few stamps and other craft things on Ebay. I won't brag about how much I've earned, but let's just say Dan no longer rolls his eyes at me when I bid on stuff. Well ok, he still does. But he at least leaves out the loud sigh.
Met up with Cory and Mandy at Dave and Busters. I always seem to forget how much fun I have there until we go back the next time. Plus I love winning and I rock at games that require no more skill than dropping coins down chutes.
I bought a pack of Monster energy drinks from Costco. Wheeeeeee!
I'va had more than one person this week ask me my advice on recipes and cooking. Yeah, I'm now a renowned chef. Bam youself, Emeril.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Always a Happy Ending

Since it's the month of our anniversary, I have been taken a little more notice than usual of love stories. I'm a sucker for sappy romances.

Sadly, I recently heard of a major love story coming to an end. I don't know how to accurately describe the emotions in my heart right now. It makes me think, if they can't make it as a couple, how can any of us expect to spend the rest of our lives with a soul mate?

Read the full story here

How can we ever expect to find eternal happiness with a millionaire 54 years older than us with a penchant for multiple women? So sad.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

By "Save" you mean "Continue Shopping," right?

My mom, as lovely as she is, is kinda like the Harbinger of Doom. I Googled the phrase so anyone who wasn't familiar could see what it means. I received all sorts of World of Warcraft links back. Figures.

She works with stock trading and often sends us emails with financial advice. The past few have all basically had the same message. Head down, batten down the hatches, prepare for the end of days. But the worst message she had for us? Stop shopping.

Uh, Mom?'ve met me right?
On a similar note, the job hunt is not going well. Everyone says I'm either overqualified or that there are teenagers who are willing to work for much less than I am.

I'm already being pushed out by the youth. I never imagined it would happen to me at 26.
Dan and I aren't terribly worried about our financial state, but we are doing our part to save as much as possible right now. We used to go to the movies every week, but now we are each going to pick one movie a month that we really want to see and the other person gets absolutely no veto.

October's Pick - I can already picture myself singing along. I {heart} cheesy pop musicals.

November's Pick - I wish I could lie to you and say I'm going to see Daniel Craig play Bond, or perhaps the vampire movie based off the super popular books. Nope. Gonna see a Disney flick again. Hey, it's the only time in my life when Dan doesn't get to veto my movie choice. I'm milking it for all it's worth.
Also as part of our financial savings plan, we are cooking. When I say "we" I actually mean "we!" My mom says you can tell that times are tough when *I* start cooking.

How true.

So yes, we've spent quite a bit of time in the grocery store and even more so in the kitchen. Last night was sliders, which were just as yummy as a hamburger but were better because they were small and cute. Everyone knows cute food tastes better.

And to close out this post, a cute picture.


Can you tell I miss drinking Diet Coke?