Sunday, June 15, 2008

World of No

Me: Can I take tap dance lessons?
Dan: No.
Me: What?! Why not?
Dan: You're 26.
Me: Don't you want to be one of those proud husbands who sits in the auditorium, watching his wife tap her heart out and videotaping the entire grand routine?
Dan: No. I would be willing to be a parent who was taping a routine. But to be a husband with a wife in a child's tap dance class would be weird.
Me: But think about it! It would be great exercise. It would give me a hobby. I wouldn't feel like we never go anywhere. I'd make new friends!
Dan: ...who'd all be the same height as your knees.

When you get married, they don't tell you that your husband will stifle your creativity. Or that he'll ruin your chances of becoming the next big superstar on So You Think You Can Dance. Consider this my warning to all the unmarrieds- learn to tap dance now.


thewindhover said...

heheee. Sara just start dancing and you wait... He'll be hooked before you know it - and when he says he's going to get something "to eat" from the kitchen; he'll be trying out his tango steps and tap moves with the mop.

Wegrit said...

...but I bet he'd let you take those pole dancing and/or belly dancing workouts they offer at the gym.

In all fairness though, there's something a bit creepy about a guy in his mid-twenties hanging out at a tap recital. There's like an age limit thing or something. You can go until you're 18 (because your parents force you to go and watch your siblings) and then you can't go again until you're 35 when your child is in it.

JB said...

*gasp* I'll get right on that! Where are my tapping shoes?

Michelle P Fischer said...

I so love your blog. It's fun to read! lol about the tap dancing. I am planning on taking a beginner's class in the fall (once the kids go back to school). I haven't told DH yet. I wonder how he'll react? The class I'm taking is an adult beginning class so maybe he'll be a bit more receptive.