Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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I missed the original New Kids on the Block craze. I was only 12 when they broke up. I couldn't understand why my uncle gave me a NKOTB tape for my 12th birthday. Now that I'm older I realize that it was his attempt to be cool, but it was a few years too late.
Fast forward 14 years and the group has reunited. I'll admit, I was one of the first to make fun of them.
"Shoulda been renamed Old Men on the Block!" This was normally followed by my own hysterical laughter because I crack myself up.
So when the radio stations started playing "Summertime," I just rolled my eyes and tuned out. But then my ears perked up at the catchy beat. And then I started listening to the entire song. Now I turn the radio up when it's playing. Ironically, I love them because they remind me of L.F.O.

On that same music theme, I have another confession. I read on MSN that most people have a secret song they sing in their heads to psych themselves up. Stuff like "I Will Survive" or the Rocky theme or "Don't Stop Believing." Keeping this article in mind, I decided to use whatever song got stuck in my head when I was having a low moment. I listened to the radio non-stop for a few days. I browsed iTunes. And then, it hit me. I heard some bad news about a friend's pet and just as I was feeling sad, a song came on the radio. That song has been stuck in my head for days now.

"I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry. I'm not sure it's what MSN meant by "inspirational theme" but it stuck in my head and gets me humming along, even when I'm in a bad mood. Which as been a lot lately. Dan is "lucky" enough to get the brunt of my grumpy moods. I'm sure that immediately after reading this, he'll start singing Katy Perry to me non-stop.


Wegrit said...

I was a hardcore New Kids fan. I was 9 and 10 at the height of their popularity and discovering the joy of crushes and all that. Yeah, I was going to be Mrs. Jordan Knight. Fortunately, I outgrew that decision, but I would still go and see them in concert, I think.

My song in my head is Van Halen's 'Right Now.' It's a Pavlovian response though. My swim coach in high school had this video she would play of all the really great swimmers winning races and medals and stuff that she would show us before our first meet of the year and before our Sectional Championships that was all done to that song...but hey, it worked. 10 years since I last saw that video, that song is still what gets me going when I need it.

JB said...

I was one of those eight year old girls that plastered her walls in NKOTB posters and had the video tapes and screamed at everyone to be quiet when their music came on the radio/tv. I actually listened to my NKOTB tape so much that it wore out and broke. My dad was so happy that it broke and refused to buy me a new tape because, finally, he could have some peace.

Mia McZ said...

I was a closet NKOTB fan. At school everyone hated them, my best friend was obsessed with them. We'd lie awake staring at her posters and argue about who was going to marry which band member.

Tia said...

OMG i was OBSESSED with NKOTB. jordan was my favorite. i even had the doll version of him and i used it as a ken doll.