Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Love Him

Sara: Dan!
Dan: No.
Sara: You don't even know what I was going to say!
Dan: OK, fair enough. What were you going to say?
Sara: Can I order lobsters at Red Lobster and then take them home as pets?
Dan: Original answer stands.

Dan: This song doesn't make sense.
Sara: What doesn't make sense?
Dan: "Been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they live underwater. And you great-great-great granddaughter is doing fine." It would be more than great-great-great granddaughter. Because even if all of them lived to be 100, it wouldn't be more than 500 years in total. Argue that.
Sara: So you're saying that there's no possible way for there to be medical and technological advances in the next century that would extend the lifespan of human beings? Or take into consideration how many people have artificial organs and body parts nowadays. By then, it would be that we are 99% artificial and can live to be 500.
Dan: No.
Sara: That's it? "No" is your rebuttal?
Dan: Yes, "no" is my rebuttal.
Sara: You have to have something more eloquent to say.
Dan: Ok. You're a turd.

Sara: We have an awful lot of silly conversations.
Dan: *pouts*
Sara: OK, we'd have a lot of silly conversations if you actually said something.
Dan: You're a turd.
Sara: Way to prove my point babe.

Sara: It's our one year anniversary from the day we left for our honeymoon. We should go back to Disneyworld to celebrate. And so I can take better pictures with my new camera.
Dan: We are not going to Disneyworld.
Sara: That's what you'd say if it was a surprise trip!
Dan: We are really not going to Disneyworld. Surprise trip or not.
Sara: Also what you'd say if it was a surprise trip!!
Dan: Please, PLEASE go to sleep now....why are you wiggling?
Sara: I'm excited for my surprise trip to Disneyworld.
Dan: You're lucky you're cute.