Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Moment of Silence

Dear Dolce, god of shopping-

Why do you do this to me? Was I bad? Did I not charge the appropriate minimum amount every month? Did I slack on mail in rebates or perhaps not correctly count my change?In the past few days, I have received two emails. Both troubling and upsetting. Both announcing the end of some of my favorite things. is closing it's doors. It was an adorable little website with party planning tips, shopping and handy tools for the serious event crafter. I had almost ordered gold leaf favors from their website-not for our wedding but to hang from the backs of chairs on Thanksgiving. I may still order them, especially since they are having a sale...
Even sadder, is Recollections. They are one of my favorite scrapbook stores. I love how everything is organized by theme. I could wander through there every week and be happy. I would typically walk in saying "I am only buying a tape runner" and next thing I know, I have the makings for a new project, complete with decorative scissors and vintage inks. Minus the tape runner. But in the spring of 2008, they will be closing in order to put more focus on their other stores, Michaels and Aaron Brothers. Why Dolce, why?!