Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Apparently, I'm Just a Ruse

Two Days Ago-
Sara: Will you update our blog for me? I'm too lazy to turn on my computer.
Dan: OK. What do you want to say?
Sara: Start with you saying "let's get gushers."
Dan: No.
Sara: What? Why not?
Dan: Because I know how that conversation ends. As long as I don't post it, it'll never get up on the blog.

Huh. We'll see about that...

Last week, while at the grocery store-
Dan: Ooh, let's get Gushers!
Sara: Oh gross.
Dan: "Gross?"
Sara: Yeah, they squirt the juice stuff into your mouth when you bite into them.
Dan: I like stuff squirting into my mouth.
Sara: ...
Dan: Crap...please don't post that on the blog.


Dan said...


that's all I can say to this right now