Friday, June 22, 2007

Kittens multiply like bunnies

Dan has made the mistake of telling me in advance that he offered to give an abandoned kitten a new home. I do not get said kitten for another 8 weeks. I think he tortures me on purpose.

The kitten was born to a cat that has made Home Depot it's permanent residence. After having a litter of 4 cats she vanished, leaving the little bundles of fur in the care of an employee. This employee (Debbie) is hand-feeding the kittens until they are weaned and I can claim one as my own. I wanted to stalk Debbie in order to see the kittens, but Dan won't let me. Something about a potential restraining order waiting to happen.

Anyway, I am very excited about getting my new kitten. I am already brainstorming name possibilities. Jimmy (Choo) or Tommy (Hilfiger) if it's male. Vera (as in Vera Wang) if the kitten is female. Dan wants to the kitten Wang if it's male. He thinks he's funny.

Speaking of cats, I need to write a post about my current kitty loves. That's the next post. For reals.