Friday, June 22, 2007

Kitten Caboodle

This is Oscar. His eyes look scary because of the flash. They are not normally zombie-ish.

Gucci girl. She looks a little touched in this photo. Her eyes are also not zombie-ish.

We have two kittens, who are really cats now that they are over a year old. Don't care. Still gonna call them kittens.

Gucci is black with white paws. She was the first one we adopted from Friends 4 Life at 9 weeks old. She was part of a litter of 4 that were abandoned and hand raised. Gucci is a very social cat. She prefers to sleep on your stomach or sprawled out on your feet. This is cute when it is cold outside. During the summer, I feel like I might die from heat stroke. When we first got her, she was lonely. Especially at night while we were trying to sleep. After the first night, we decided to adopt one of her brothers, in order to keep her company. Enter Oscar (de la Renta.)

Oscar is a grey tabby. He is solid cat. He weight twice as much as Gucci easily, but it's not fat. He's just a very solid little bundle of fur. I keep telling him that he is heavy, and he punishes me by jumping onto my stomach from the back of the couch. I have paw shaped bruises.

We are constantly telling stories about our kittens. They are either incredibly stupid or incredibly intelligent. Either way, they keep us entertained. Their most recent trick is managing to steal clothes from the laundry room, even through the door is closed. And Oscar is currently trying to open cupboard doors. Or maybe he is trying to bang the cupboard doors open and closed. In which case, he is succeeding.

They both have random fits of hyper activity, which sends them flying around the room as they chase each other. We have learned to duck and cover when this happens.

They also prefer to sit on top of the kitchen cupboards. They hop from the floor to the kitchen table, then to the countertop and then they use their Spidey skills to leap to the top of the cupboards. Since I am not that tall, even in heels, we bought a squirt bottle to get them down. I am sure that the cupboards are rotting from water damage.

We tried using aluminum foil to keep them from jumping. They just bat at it until there is enough space for them to jump onto the counter. See what I mean about being incredibly intelligent?

Gucci enjoys cramming herself into the empty soda boxes. Underneath the dishwasher has also become a favorite hiding spot. Oscar, in what seems to be confined spaces envy, tries these stunts as well. He ends up banging his head into a wall. Which is part of my extremely stupid argument.