Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Kia gods are angry

Dan's car has been acting like a brat. A few weeks ago, we had the battery/alternator/hamster on a wheel die while we were driving. Luckily, we were in a Checker parking lot. After a few phone calls and sitting in his car while it was 95 degrees outside, we got it towed to the dealership. (I got to ride in a tow truck! Wheee!) They claimed it was a battery drain, even through someone else had told us it was the alternator. After two weeks (!!!) we got the car back. They had unplugged the rear amp, which apparently had an exposed wire that was causing the drain. When I called Dan this morning to find out how much it was, he told me that as he was driving home, the battery light came on again. And that when they unplugged the amp, it caused all of the speakers to fail. He now has no radio in his car. Part of me wants to be ticked off, but they felt bad that it took so long, they only charged us an hour and a half of labor. So I really can't yell.


I think this is a perfect excuse to get a hybrid.


Erica said...

This story makes me angry. Car mechanics are my nemesi.

Dan, buy Sara a hybrid. It's the only logical answer.