Sunday, September 14, 2008

Viva Las Vegas! (You know you're mentally singing it!)

Insomnia is helping out my time management skills. Now that's been almost a full week since we returned from the joint bachelor/ette party, it's time to recap. I can't give details because what happens in Vegas...well, you know the phrase. So here's just a glimpse of the things we learned while partying.

Lesson Learned: When you get put in an awful room next to the elevator that doesn't even offer room service, you will be willing to pay a minimal upgrade charge. Bonus, Dan used his sweet talking awesomness to get us a 1100 sq. foot suite at New York New York. I took lots of pics but won't bore you with hotel room photos.

Lesson Learned: No one in Vegas thinks twice when you wander around with a drink in each hand.

Lesson Learned: White tiger cubs are so cute, I will begin talking in baby talk in public. Thems so cutey wootie!

Lesson Learned: Things that are small are instantly cuter.

Lesson Clarified: Even one day old dolphins are cuter, which seems impossible since dolphins are pretty freaking cute to begin with.

Lesson Learned: FAO Schwartz employees let drunks wander through the toy store with beer/margaritas in their hands. We are excellent role models.

Lesson Learned: When I tell people that Dan and I aren't big drinkers, I am lying to them and myself.

Lesson Learned: Robo people always get the chicks.


Maxie said...

omg those tigers. SOOOO cute!!!

Celia said...

It looks like you had so much fun! We don't eat much Tabasco sauce but I have a drawer full of those little bottles because I can't stand to get rid of the cuteness.

Welcome to Elinor Island said...

Were is the lesson for puking in a back alley while your friends try to get you back to the hotel room without puking in the cab?

That should be up there.