Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Go Ahead and Google Me

I logged onto Analytics today and saw that the following search terms brought visitors to Ye Olde Blog.

bests talking parrot
Ariel Tweto finally kissed
maniacal druggie
elephant dung

...the only one that makes sense to me is Ariel Tweto because she is hilarious and was a much loved blog topic. Seriously though, elephant dung?

I clicked over to my blog to do a search on the page for either the word elephant or dung. Nothing popped up until I noticed the ad on the bottom. "Natural herbal remedies containing real elephant dung."

Awesome. Klick Here is synonymous to pachyderm poo.


So@24 said...

The Keyword Analysis always provides chuckles.

"Masturbation story" comes up on mine so often, it's scary

wegrit said...

While this might be true, how many other people can say a google search of 'elephant dung' brought in people from who knows where?

No one has ever come across my blog searching 'elephant dung' and I feel a little inferior because of it.

ariel said...

hi!! this is ariel....just letting you know that i haven't kissed elephant dung???? what??? hahah...thats funny...