Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marriage is All About Balance

I often tell people that Dan is mean. This typically happens right after I've asked him to buy me something, such as a trained snowy white owl or a zebra, and he says no. However, when I sigh and exclaim to anyone who listens that Dan is a mean turd head and that I am the nice one, they give me strange looks.

Today, I was trying to think of something to blog about while watching Tivo'd episodes of Jon and Kate + 8. (Is anyone else but me obsessed with these kids?! Too adorable for words!!) And it hit me- I should blog about our new space!

Most of you know, my parents are packing up and moving to California. Tomorrow actually. However, they were supposed to have left a month ago so all of their stuff has been in boxes and Dan and I took over their house. Yay for living rent/mortgage free! They used to have a media room with 2 plush couches, a comfy arm chair, a small table to wrap gifts on and an elliptical. However, when the furniture was lugged downstairs in preparation for the move, we took the area over.

We only have one couch because people who live in apartments do not buy two couches. So we moved it in but then had a whole lotta space left over. So a gigantic L shaped desk came in from my sister's room which I turned into my computer desk/craft desk. Two folding card tables came in because one craft desk is obviously not enough working space for a single human being. A partition I bought when my local scrapbook store went out of business went up and all my things are displayed on both sides of it. My lovely papsan chair came in, placed beside my desk so when I wanted to peruse idea magazines, I could kick back and get comfy. It's a perfect space.

My Side of the Room

With as much time as I spend crafting and Dan spends playing WOW, we decided to move his computer out of the office and into the media room as well. I wouldn't give up any of my side of the room, so Dan put his desk to the left of the projector screen.

Dan's Side of the Room

OK, so maybe Dan *IS* the nice one...


JB said...

It's all about the give and take. You take the space for the crafting corner, Dan gives his adoration and affection! Sounds right to me! lol

Maxie said...

women just need more space-- it's not just you :-)