Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Be Like the Ghostbusters

Mia's Slime Pit of a Backyard, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Want to do your good deed for the day? Mia from Often Wrong, Never in Doubt has a great new house. She and her dear hubs have put a lot of work into it, including chasing away the bums that had taken residence in the once adbandoned abode.

While they've done a whole lotta work on the house itself, they've been kidna avoiding starting on their backyard and I can see why. Her endearing nickname of it is The Slime Pit and without having seen it in real life, I can tell from the pictures that it's the set horror movie directors dream of. I can picture The Thing rising from out of the pool-ish structure and causing havoc among the residents.

So please head over to the link below, register to vote and then check out Mia's entry. (Fastest way to find her entry after registering is to use the drop down menu from "go to" and searching for Mia's name.)


Not only will you be helping out Mia, but you will be bringing joy to her adorable pomeranian, her scary cat and her husband Danny. Everyone knows the best husbands are named Daniel.

Like that? A plug for someone else still turned into something cute about Husband. I deserve a present. Preferably something shiny.


Mia McZ said...

Woohoo! Thanks for the plug and the votes. If we win I'll mail you something shiny. It may be a gum wrapper or some tinfoil because we're broke, but it's shiny, right?