Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open Letter to TV

Dear Fall TV Lineup,

I admit, sometimes I have you on just as background noise. I don't pay as much attention to you as you'd prefer. I'm sure this has caused some hurt feelings and tension but I am only one woman. I can't watch everything all the time.
My Tivos are getting lonely. They sit empty, pathetically suggesting reruns of Full House. While I love me some Uncle Jesse, I can only handle so much of the Olsen twins in one sitting. The Olympics were a fun distraction but now? Now I'm not even fast forwarding through the commercial breaks, because it helps the entire experience seem to last longer.
Please hurry back. I know we've had some hard times but really, you've been away for long enough.

I've missed you.

With Love,


JB said...

I've already done up a timetable and a fall premiere schedule. I am greatly anticipating the new season. Thankfully, most shows will be returning as early as next week! Remember last year, when a lot of shows waited until October or even November to premiere? Excruciating.

... I think I need to go to TV rehab.

Maxie said...

I can't wait for The Office and Grey's to start again!!!