Sunday, August 17, 2008

Culture, in the Most Brainless Way Possible

In keeping up with my current "Sara is a pop culture zombie" theme, I give you movie reviews.

Movie #1 - Pineapple Express. I didn't know what the title had to do with the movie, and for some strange reason I never asked. Apparently, it's the name of the type of pot that the characters smoke throughout the movie. Learn something new everyday. I went into the theater, expecting a few chuckles and a lot of eye rolling. However, the movie was hilar. (Short for hilarious. Yes, I am that cool.)
Keep in mind, you are reading this review by someone who never tried pot. I really do mean never, I'm not just trying to thwart any drug narcs who may be keeping tabs on me. I don't know how it feels to be high more often than not, I don't like the smell of pot and I have never seen a real pot plant. Husband informs me that the pot comes from dried flowers, which in the movie look like giant furry bananas. He assures me that they really are tiny flowers, but I prefer to think of them as furry bananas.
Anyway, I have a point. This movie was great. Much better than anticpated. I probably didn't understand most of the drug references, but it was funny to me because the two main characters were the exact stereotype of druggies that I have in my head. And to see them running around like idiots made me laugh with relief because I, thank goodness, am not a dirty pothead with drug dealers trying to shoot me.
Plus I love comedies where people fall down. Seth Rogan falls down a lot in this film.

Reason to Watch It - Danny McBride, especially saying "Thug Life."
Reason to Watch It - Seth Rogan getting attached by a giant mosquito and screaming in a fashion much like I would.
Reason to Skip It - Seth Rogan looks so dirty, you can almost smell him.
Reason to Skip It - His relationship with his gf is weird and a little too pedophile. I think she's 21 in real life, but she looks 16.

Movie #2 - Tropic Thunder. OK, this is not so much a movie review as a blatant holla out to Tom Cruise. Yes, I said Tom Cruise.
He plays this producer scum who is beyond funny. The images of him "smacking it" to Flo Rida will make me laugh for weeks. The fiercely overgrown chest hair that he absentmindly twirls with his finger, the gold bling he has hanging around his neck...I chuckle just typing about it.
Oh yeah, and other stuff happened in the movie that was funny. The End.

Reason to Watch It - Tom Cruise, no joke. I have a newfound respect for this man.
Reason to Watch It - Danny McBride again. This time, talking about being a caterer.
Reason to Skip It - Matthew McConaughey. I seriously think this guy is overhyped.
Reason to Skip It - Ben Stiller. Another actor I could live without. Although he wrote and directed the movie, so maybe he's not that bad after all.


JB said...

I really enjoyed Pineapple Express. I had to skip a group outing to see Tropic Thunder, though. I'm going to try my best to see it next week, when my schedule frees up a little. Your review really makes me sorry I missed it!

Des said...


That's all. :)