Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where's the Pole?

I Heart Wipeout on ABC, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Because Dan and I are educated, mature individuals, we decided to watch Wipeout. Don't judge me.
This show is almost as awesome as yours truly. The first 5 minutes, Dan was cracking up at the 12-year-old humor from the hosts, and I stared at him wondering how I managed to marry such a dork. And then? Ariel Tweto appeard on screen.

Love. Her.

She was an energetic 20-year-old from Alaska who had never been kissed and shared this fact in the first 5 seconds of her screen time. She was fiery, held her own against the male athletes and came in 3rd place. But the best part, the part that had me laughing so hard I was crying, was the scene from above. The point of this obstacle was to grab the pole and vault over to the large red ball and stay put without wiping out and falling in the water. She reached the top of the launch pad and procceded to do a little potty dance. As she hopped around, she yelled out "where's the pole??!" mean the large, 20 foot pole right in front of you?

So instead, she just ran right past the pole and tried to make it to the ball. She failed of course, but was hilarious in her attempt to do so.

Words do not do this scene justice. Check out YouTube if you'd like to laugh your butt off. Providing your employer does not block YouTube access from work like mine does. Seriously, how do they expect me to keep my spirits up if I'm not allowed to laugh while at work? Dictatorship.


Maxie said...

haha I <3 wipeout. The original japanese game shows are better, but wipeout is pretty damn funny.

JB said...

I love MXC too much to watch Wipeout. Poo. That, and I never seem to be home when it's on, anyway.