Thursday, July 10, 2008

Testing Testing

Dan's gift, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

I tried blogging this photo from Flickr twice now. And while it said that the posting was successful, as soon as I clicked over to the blog the post was gone. This is my final try. If it doesn't work, these words are unnecessary, yet I continue to find myself typing them

If all of them worked and you've read the same post twice plus this post complaining that you couldn't read the first two, then ignore me. Not that I need to tell people to ignore me. That seems to work out fine enough.

And if you haven't seen the first two and this is the first one that's worked, then here's the basic topic of the posts:

Lookie lookie. Sara got Dan's bday gift delivered today. So she wrapped it and will leave it at work where he has no access to it. Mwah ha ha ha hah!

That evil laughter is a sign of true love.


Wegrit said...

Evil laughter in real life situations is always a sign of true love. Less so in moves. Then it usually means you're going to need super MacGuyver skills.

Also, I think my word verification word is the name of a new Disney project: elihspyz

Wegrit said...

Movies. Dammit. I meant movies, not moves. In my defence, I've just come home from the pub and I misspelled the word skills the first time around too.

JB said...

Tape a picture of it on the fridge for extra evilness!! The torture will make opening the gift that much sweeter.