Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Hair's a Hot Mess

My haircut, while I blogged about it for days and days in anticipation, did not go as spectacularly as planned. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It's only about 4 inches shorter, but it has lots of layers so it feels shorter on my head. There's a few guys reading who don't understand. Women will get what I mean. It just feels lighter. It naturally does a little flip and unless there's high humidity (like there has been for the past 4 days,) it hangs in nice smooth waves with a bit of curl at the end. If there is high humidity, (see previous bitter parenthesis) it takes 2 hours with a blow dryer and a round brush to avoid me looking like a poodle. I do not have that kind of time to devote to my hair. Instead, I put it up. After reading the weather forecast for the next week, I have decided that I should invest in head scarves.
The stylist didn't want to give me bangs or go more than 4 inches shorter. She said that women who tend to do such a dramatic change often regret it, so unless I had my heart set on going super short, she would prefer if I allowed her to give me more of a Jennifer Aniston style. Because I'm chicken sh--, I told her to do it her way.
Best advice I ever got. Even over the time a sorority sister told me to always take an empty knock-off purse to parties and keep my stuff in my pockets because someone will inevitably need something to throw up in and purses are normally the first thing that gets sacrificed.
Next time I get my hair cut, I plan on going a little bit shorter and getting bangs, but not as drastic as the ones I had originally planned on. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Dan's just glad I didn't cry.

And in case you're wondering, I took the picture of Clay Aiken with me to the salon.


JB said...

Uhf. The humidity here has been insane! My hair also does the frizzy poodle. That's why I've been putting off getting a haircut this week. It'd be ruined five steps out the salon door. I want it cut shorter, and I want bangs (haven't had them in 12 years), I'm just worried about needing to spend a gazillion hours with the blowdryer. I'm glad to hear you liked your final result! Always trust the hairdresser.

Jamie Lovely said...

Haircuts make me want to cry too sometimes, I understand! I have hair past my midback and complain when they take more than 2 inches off saying it's too short!

brandy said...

Haircuts ALWAYS make me cry. I mean, the last time I got my bangs trimmed I'm pretty sure my hairdresser thought I was going into cardiac arrest. What is it about hair that makes girls crazy?

Maxie said...

I always make rash decisions with my hair. I've got curly/wavy hair and if it goes too short it looks like I'm a character from the lion king