Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Husband!

Dan, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Today is Dan's 27th birthday. In honor of it, I decided to post 27 things I love about him. Be prepared for a mushy post.

1. When I started calling him “Husband” on day 1 of our marriage, he called me “Wife.” Now on day 635 of our marriage, he still lets me call him Husband and still calls me Wife.
2. He claims that puppy dog eyes and whining don’t work on him, but we both silently know the truth.
3. He lets me stick my frozen toes underneath his leg to warm them up.
4. When I’m feeling sick, he draws me a bubble bath before I even have to ask.
5. He’ll stop whatever he’s doing and come turn on the ceiling fan for me because I can’t reach the pull cord.
6. When I whine that a video game is impossible to beat, he calmly looks up a walkthrough online and gives me hints on how to beat it.
7. Even when we’re on a budget, he encourages me to buy more craft supplies.
8. One year and 8 months into our marriage, he asked me if I’d still marry him all over again and gave me a gorgeous topaz ring that I had been searching for.
9. He knows I hate driving, so he does all the driving when we go places together.
10. He pretends to be surprised by the gifts I give him, even if he was the one who ordered it.
11. He watches girly reality shows with me with only minimal complaints.
12. He does all the cooking and gives me backrubs when I have to cook.
13. He makes me laugh, although it’s not always on purpose.
14. If I was busy at work and couldn’t check my favorite blogs, he calls me on my way home and gives me an update.
15. We take turns picking which movie we’re going to. It’s been my turn for the past 2 years.
16. He pretends to know the lyrics to every song on the radio and sings along. He is very rarely correct but still makes a gallant effort.
17. He goes with me to hang out with my high school friends, even if he’s bored as we reminisce.
18. He looks really cute when he’s mad at a video game.
19. He brings home flowers for no reason and fills up my gas tank so I don’t have to.
20. He gives minimal protests when I insist we need to buy something to improve our quality of life. (I.e. new laundry detergent, another set of dishes, a kitten.)
21. We have a budget for gifts, which he allows me to ignore if it’s A) a big event, B) needs special new wrapping paper or C) is a cool gift that is perfect for the recipient.
22. He lets me turn on the pop radio station when we’re in the car, even if he’d rather listen to CNN.
23. He tells me things he thinks are compliments, but come out funny. (“Sometimes you laugh like a chipmunk.”)
24. He gets sympathetically embarrassed for people and turns bright red during "Best of the Worst" on American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance.
25. When I can’t get comfortable at night and wiggle around trying to find the perfect sleeping position, he doesn’t complain as I take over his side of the bed and leave him clinging to the edge.
26. He teaches me new things, or at least tries. And when I tell people I’m not as high maintenance as I used to be, he doesn’t laugh too hard.
27. He lets me make fun of him on this blog. A lot…probably more than I should. But he still loves me, regardless.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend. "I love you the mostest!"

Your Wife


sandy said...

Aw, that's so sweet!
Happy Birthday!

Lorien Clark said...

Awwwee What a catch!

Wegrit said...

He sounds like a great husband and a great match for you! And you're very sweet for expressing it all in cyberspace for all of us to know.

Happy birthday Dan!

thewindhover said...

*melts* Boy are you lucky to have each other! What a beautiful (and hilarious as usual) birthday message... You make my day.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Loved this toast (roast?) to the husband:)
Ain't love grand!

Tia said...

aww. =) i should make a list like that for Hubs. although, knowing me, every other one would be snarky, and so the list of nice things would only be about 14. ohwell. thought that counts?