Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

cartoonstock.com, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Good: I've lost weight.
Bad: My clothes are too big and are falling off.
Ugly: My clothes are falling off while I'm at work, causing me to flash a little more skin than I'd like.

Good: Husband enjoyed his new present.
Bad: Our version of quality time this weekend involved total silence from us, cussing from the video game.
Ugly: I was laughing at some of the background conversations/commercials. If you've ever heard a commercial in the Grand Theft Auto games, you know why this is a bad thing. Let's just say I was not P.C. this weekend.

Good: My dad got a new job.
Bad: My parents are moving back back to Cali Cali.
Ugly: This has cause numerous California themed songs to get stuck in my head. Including, but not limited to, Do You Know the Way to San Jose.

Good: Mama Mia! is coming out this weekend. Everyone knows I love a good flamboyant musical.
Bad: I have to allow Dan to play his video games non-stop for the rest of the weekend in order to talk him into going.
Ugly: We made this arrangement prior to planning on emptying the storage unit and moving furniture on Saturday. He's going to be grumpy at the movie...

Good: My local Circle K is having a sale on my favorite energy drinks. 2 for $3
Bad: This caused me to buy more energy drinks than Dan would approve of.
Ugly: I am talking fast and my typing is shoddy, at best. The first time I typed this sentence, it read "I am tlaking fast and m ytyping is shody at bests."


Angela said...

Liver and Onions. That always reminds me of the episode of the cartoon Doug. Remember that show?

sandy said...

Yay for weight loss!
As for the video games? I totally get it. My boy is obsessed with something else- he's building his own computer but- and I have to let him do that for what seems like ever before I convince him to do something really girly with me. Like, watch Jon & Kate + 8.