Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Google Encourages Me

I decided to check Google Analytics to see how much traffic comes to my blog. Instead of having Dan pick a PIF winner or instead of blogging about our vacay...

Me: Huh. According to Google, there are 12 search phrases that are googled that bring traffic to the blog. Your name was googled a few times and it led to it.
Dan: What? I want to google my name! ...the blog is the first link. I'm also apparently a top executive. And Erica's blog comes up. And something about Kristin Chenoweth. I'm on here 2,810 times. At least I'm not a sex offender in any of these.
Me: Erica's blog? She mentions you by your full name?
Dan: I think it's from a comment you left once.
Me: Oh
Dan: If I eliminate all foreign language entries there is...crappy. Only 183 entires. But I'm still not a sex offender!
Me: Heh, more search terms that link to the blog are "LFO Summertime download," "Paula Abdul" and "Katy Perry hairstyle."
Dan: If you google your name, comments you've made on other people's blogs come up. You spend a lot of time on blogs.

If you only knew, Husband. If you only knew.


JB said...

I'm super anal about my Googling profile. So much so that when I type my name in, not one thing attached to my real self shows up! Hoo-ray.

Wegrit said...

That is AWESOME! The most searched thing on Google that leads to my blog is the song 'Lester the Lobster.' I swear to God that's true. Also I swear to God there's a song called 'Lester the Lobster.'

Jamie Lovely said...

oh google!