Friday, June 27, 2008

Pay it Forward

JB had a Pay it Forward contest. I won prizes and that makes me happy because who doesn't love winning prizes!? I got lots of Canada goodies, which is neat because I don't live in Canada and it would be weird if my local Target decided to start selling Canadian souvenirs.

... I've totally lost at least 2 readers with my rambling.

Anyway, I have decided to pay it forward! So, leave me a comment about your favorite spot to visit. Be it a different country, a different city or even just over to your best bud's house, where's your favorite place to go?
"But Sara," you may ask, "why did you pick travelling as your comment topic?"
"Ah, that's simple dear readers," I will wisely respond, "it is because Husband and I will be off travelling this weekend in the lovely City of Sin. Viva Las Vegas!"

When we return on Tuesday, (ok it will probably be Wednesday by the time I blog,) I will put all commenter's names in a hat and Husband will choose one as the lovely recipient of something from Vegas!

Anyone who doesn't win, you should blame Dan.


The Noisy Plume: said...

Pick me.


I like visiting Elbow, Saskatchewan, Canada. Yes it exists. Look it up smartypants.

Mia McZ said...

anywhere with an ocean is probably too vague, huh? Well, if not an ocean then the White Mountains. We like to stay at the "Tal-Wi-Wi" Lodge, and giggle every time we say the name.

JB said...

Woohoo! I'm glad your parcel arrived.

Jamie Lovely said...

I just commenting and not entering. I've already won 2 contests haha

My favorite is Las Vegas or Disney World!

Des said...

What did you get from Canada? :)