Monday, July 7, 2008

Goodbye Communication

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Dan is impossible to shop for. Everything he wants costs a butt-load of money or is impossible to find. Plus, if you ask him what he wants as a present and specify that it needs to be realistic in price and obtainability factor, he will respond with something boring. Like a new computer mouse. Or a gift certificate to a restaurant. Or perhaps a gallon of paint that he can watch dry.
This year, i was determined to get him something with wow factor...well, as much wow factor as I could afford. I looked into getting him a new cell phone but he can't decide which one he wants. I looked into getting him a new watch, but the ones he likes are either the price of a large TV or they are ugly. I researched getting him a hot shave and massage package, but the only places that have that kind of stuff are too frilly for him to feel comfortable in. I even looked into getting him the stupid mouse he wants, but did you know there are over 30 different mice at Best Buy? And that doesn't include the ones that are made specifically for laptops or that come with a keyboard. The Best Buy employee seemed offended that I was not impressed by the 9 programmable buttons. Really? 9 buttons on a mouse? Does anyone else think this is excessive?
Luckily, Dan mentioned he wanted an XBox 360. He doesn't trust the average Ebay seller, so he didn't want me to get one from there - he wanted a warranty from a big box store. I was going to buy it off Ebay anyway and just hope he never asked me which store he got it from. Last night, he was on Ebay and saw one going for a ridiculously low price with only 35 minutes left on the auction. So I told him to bid on it, thinking he would complain that there was no warranty. He was so excited about how cheap it was, he didn't care about the warranty! I nearly fainted with shock!
We won the auction, but I told him I refuse to let him have it until his bday on the 17th. I'll probably cave because I get really excited about giving gifts, and he'll get it the same day it arrives in the mail. Wrapped and with a coordinating gift tag of course.
When I bought him a PSP for Christmas, I knew I had shot myself in the foot. He was so into the PSP that he didn't speak to me for days. Now I've bought him another game system... Goodbye other foot.


JB said...

We're in the same boat. My guy is so tough to shop for, but when you ask him what he wants, he gives the standard, "I don't know, whatever." Which, of course, is of no help. He loves video games, it's the one thing I know I can afford that he will like, and even though I am protesting with myself the entire time, I buy him a game for whatever gift event it is. He will inevitably love the game, but that means he'll spend all of his free time with it. Sigh.

Lorien Clark said...

So tell us about the new doo! How was the salon and all that?

What happened to Single + Cats = Sad? I found her blog through yours and now it says it is removed. I really don't expect you to know. I just was shocked and wanted to tell someone. Hee hee!