Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bad Date Bandwagon

Bad Date, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Erica at Tartraz recently posted about bad dates. I suggest you head over there and read hers, along with some of the comments that were left. They are beyond funny.
With that post in my head, I decided to post about my own bad dates. I’ve had a lot, which seems totally unfair because I am a fairly normal person and should not attract weirdoes. Here are the 4 dates that were so bad, they weren't given a 2nd chance.
(Yes, I've had awful dates where I gave them another chance. "Fool me once...")

#1 – Told me he lost over 100 pounds playing Dance Dance Revolution. Proceeded to take me to the movies an hour before the show started just so he could show me his DDR skills. When it came time to see the movie, he asked if we could go to the next showing because some other movie-goers had just challenged him to a DDR dance off. Spent another 45 minutes perched on an ATV ride, flirting with a guy who was babysitting his little sister. His 10-year-old little sister. Who was challenging my date (and winning.)

#2 – Decided to double date with roomie and her bf. He told me he does impressions, “which everybody loves.” Showed me how he sings and dances like the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Ricky Martin. Then he spent all of dinner fighting with roomie’s bf that Cher was better than Aerosmith and making comments about women’s shoes.

#3 – Went to a beach party with a bunch of his friends. They were already drunk when we got there, so my date started pounding back shots. I didn’t drink (cheap whiskey,) so I sat on the beach and watched them try to drown each other in the ocean and try to play drunken volleyball. Walked over to a nearby convenience store and bought a magazine. After killing an hour reading the magazine and having no idea which drowning idiot was my date, I called a friend to pick me up. My date called the next day with a hangover, asked me if I had fun and wanted to know if we could get together again the following night. Hadn’t even noticed I left without him.

#4 – Took me to a bar that was half full of bikers and half full of cowboys. Met up with his friends who regaled me with stories of the “good ol’ days” with my date’s ex. Then went to his place to watch a movie, where his mom was sleeping on his couch. The mom’s boyfriend came over, irate that a gay couple bought the house next door. Told us that he needed to get the pool equipment he installed for the previous owner’s back because, totally not kidding, he didn’t want the pool equipment to “go gay.” My date and his mom’s bf hopped over the fence with shovels and flashlights to steal the pool pump back and kept making gay-bashing comments. When I told him I was leaving, he replied that I should hang out with his mom til he was done and then we’d have a sleepover. And they say romance is dead.

Any bad date stories to share? Even if they were bad dates with your current spouse/significant other, share with us! We promise not to tease them about it. Well, we promise not to tease them to their face. Blog comments are a different matter.


JB said...

I've never had a bad date, per se, but I have had a bad pre-date.

Our first Valentine's Day with my boyfriend. He forgot to make a reservation until an hour before dinner that day. Of course, every place was booked. We wound up ordering a pizza and watching When Harry Met Sally. Actually, it turned out to be the best Valentine's Day date we've had, so it wasn't bad at all. Hmm...

Jamie Lovely said...

I just commented about dating on someone else's blog.

I never really did the whole dating thing. I always end up kind of falling into a relationship. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 comments:

1. DDR? Really? Did you actually go to the movie after all of that?

2. What's wrong with N'Sync impressions?