Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marriage, Klick Style

Opposites-Attract-Poster, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Someone at work today told me that Dan and I seem perfect for each other. I repsonded with assurances that we had our differences too. She asked for an example and the only thing I could come up with? He likes salt on his food while even mashed potatoes can be too salty for me sometimes. OK, not a good example, but I don't do well under pressure! So I started a list...

Me - Sees the toilet paper getting low. Grabs a spare roll to keep in there for when it finally runs out.
Dan - Waits for it to run out, then puts a new roll ON TOP OF THE EMPTY TUBE.

Me - Sends random acts of kindness cards to friends/family.
Dan - Can't remember when his goddaughter/neice's birthday is. Or even how old she is.

Me - Has total faith in our high-end washing machine.
Dan - Has to make sure everything is turned with the right side out, all buttons are buttoned and all zippers are zipped.

Me - Has strangers approach to tell me the weirdest stuff about their lives.
Dan - People eye him suspiciously. Even my parents' dog barks at him, and he has seen him everyday for the last 6 months.

Me - Thinks 80 degrees is not an appropriate temperature to sleep in.
Dan - Loves snuggling up under the comforter, even in the middle of the summer.

Me - Belives that no one will attempt to steal our car in the middle of the day from in front of our house in an upper-middle class neighborhood.
Dan - Will go back outside to double check that the doors are locked.

Me - Only excited for mail if I'm expecting something.
Dan - Getting the mail is the highlight of his day. Even if it's all bills, he just loves getting mail.

Me - Wants to redo our bedroom to give it a fresh look for summer.
Dan - Can't figure out why we have more than one sheet set.

Me - Attention span of a gnat.
Dan - Will get so engrossed in WOW, may not respond to calling his name, phone calls or a bomb exploding in the same room.

So there. Now I have plenty of examples to show that yes, while Dan and I have a great marriage, it's not PERFECT. Perfect would mean he lets me get a pet chicken.


JB said...

I think the toilet paper tick is universally male. Both my guy roommates and my boyfriend do the exact same thing. Actually, scratch that, I'm lucky if they even remember to put in a fresh roll after they finish the one they used. There's been a few times where I've had to scream for someone to bring me a roll. Now I have my own private stash under the sink for just such emergencies.

Wegrit said...

I was on board until the pet chicken.

What now?

The Noisy Plume: said...

The toilet paper thing is inherent to the male sex.
They can't help it.

In other happy news, I just read your past 5 posts or so and nearly wet my pants.
You kill me.
AND I asked RW if I should maybe take a ballet class sometime and he looked at me and then walked least you got to discuss it. Kind of.

Mia McZ said...

LOL. I do the same thing! So far I've asked for a baby elephant, a panda, a penguin, random stray dogs, and a duck (which he almost got me!)