Monday, June 9, 2008

In Lieu of Something Funny to Say

Lots of random thoughts today, so here we go.

Overheard at work today : "I called him and said 'good news is I found your golf ball. Bad news is so did a rattlesnake.'"

Our cat, who has hundreds of dollars worth of toys under every piece of furniture, plays with the water dish. Bats it around with his paws and we cannot for the life of us figure out why. Same cat that drools. Maybe he's just inheritantly weird.

I've decided to talk to my boss about going to four 10-hour days. I'm there from 7:30-6:00 most days anyway lately. Might as well get a day off out of it. And some spare time to go to classes or work part-time at a scrapbook store.

I've been fighting major emotional funk lately. I'm close to tears over everything. EVERYTHING. I just cried at Design Star.

Dan talked me into getting a hair cut that will cost about 2 months of cell phone service. This is how I put value to things. How much does it cost in comparison to my phone and/or Tivo?

I am uber excited for Vegas now that I know I will be visiting Cristophe. That's right, one name. I'm already impressed. Dan is excited because it means he gets to play poker without me looking bored. Win-win situation.

JB asked what diet I'm doing. Herbalife. Well, kinda. My nutritionist altered it a bit for me so that I wasn't forced to take all the suppliments they suggest and so that I could have a real meal once a day, instead of their suggested lean protein the size of a pea and steamed veggies, more steam less veggies. Thus far, the shakes are yummy. And the pie they suggest making is like a peanut butter french silk pie but it's all sugar-free health stuff. Yum.

Denise Richards annoys me more than Spencer and Heidi. But I cannot tear myself away from this tv.... help me

Has anyone else noticed that babies seem to be everywhere? Everyone is pregnant or just had a baby. Even the men, it seems. Are Dan and I the only ones who are not with child? I probably shouldn't have gone to see Baby Mama. Hindsight is 20/20.

Friends for Life has been overwhelmed with kittens in the last few days. I am not dumb enough to try to talk Dan into adopting another one. I've matured.

I'm still trying to talk him into a puppy. Baby steps people. Baby steps.


JB said...

My cat has a ton of toys to play with. She ignores every one of them. Her toys of choice are my hair elastics (WHICH SHE FINDS NO MATTER WHERE I HIDE THEM! AUGH!) and the plastic tabs on the cans of frozen juice concentrate. The second I go to make juice, she's right beside me waiting for the plastic tab.

My mom's friend is also on Herbalife (Herbal Magic, as it's known here), and absolutely loves it. The idea of not being able to eat real meals turned me off, though. I love to cook, I just need to learn to eat in moderation. I'm glad your nutritionist adjusted it so you can eat more than just supplements!

Jamie Lovely said...

My dog has a million toys but prefers empty water bottles and caps of laundry detergent.

Anonymous said...

Dear Advice Columnist,

I need your help! My life revolves around a mower, cleaning the house, and feeding a cement cow. I am depressed. Any advice?