Friday, May 2, 2008

Made in 1982

OK, you know I'm a good friend when I alter my blog for you. Cory, anonymous users can now post comments. If I get weird comments from perverts, I will assume they are from you.

Back to the real post. I couldn't think of a single thing to blog about so I asked Dan for inspiration...

Me: I can't think of a new post. We don't do anything exciting.
Dan: You got mugged by a freaking pregnant woman! What do you mean we don't do anything exciting?
Me: I already blogged about that. Besides *WE* didn't get mugged. *I* got mugged.
Dan: Yeah, but who did you call?
Me: ...Ghostbusters?
Dan: na na na na na na When there's something strange, in the neighborhood...
Me: Hey, I need a topic!
Dan: Can't think of one. Oh, by the way, I was reading that blog on your blog roll, All Things Cupcake today. I check it every once in awhile.
Me: *smirk*
Dan: What?
Me: Nothing, go on. You read the cupcake blog.
Dan: Right, I was reading it and it had a $900 cupcake chair and a link to the company that makes them. There was some really cool stuff! Like a Lite Brite table where you can move the pegs. And a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot table!
Me: Wow, you are a dork.
Dan: Go look at the website.
Me: *sigh* Fine.
Me: Holy crap they have gummi bear lights. I want them! And a button candy bench!?! Mine!

So, all you children of the 80's, go to this site. You will not be disappointed.

Wow, that was a long blog for just one link. Sorry, no refunds for the time spent reading this post.


Wegrit said...

I love that somehow it was perfectly natural for you to transition from "I got mugged by a pregnant lady" to the Ghostbusters theme song. That made my day!

Des said...

OMG! Gummie bear lights! Awesome. This is exciting... Until I see that it is $125. Each. Seriously?! :(

So@24 said...

I swear to you I have button candy on my desk as we speak (errr... I type).

Sara and Dan Klick said...

W - Thanks. It worries me a bit that my brain works that way.

D - I know, I should have put a disclaimer that only super rich people can afford them. So if someone would like to buy those lights, please dontate your money to me instead. You are obviously too rich.

S - OMG (I've morphed into a 16-year-girl) I love candy buttons. Not only are you a kick-butt blogger, but you have kick-butt taste in candy.