Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Da Bomb," "Awesome" and Other Words The Describe Me

I'm not normally one to brag, (who am I kidding?!) but lately I can't help it. I've been receiving a number of emails and messages telling me how great I am and how much you enjoy my blog. This is both a good and bad thing. Good, because it will get me to write more often, now that I know someone other than just Dan reads the blog. Bad because I'll get an ego and proceed to strut around the room with my chest puffed out. Probably while ordering myself a trophy. And while saving blind nuns from runaway buses, because that's how awesome I am.
I know I've been silent pretty frequently, both on here and with comments. I have been a silent stalker on all of the blogs, reading everyday about the exciting things you all are doing. But my own life right now? Dull as...something totally dull that starts with d. The phrase normally involves the word "dirt," but dirt is my nemisis sometimes and thus I don't find it dull. I find it aggravating. Especially when it's coating my car in a grimy dust cover.
Sorry, tangent.
Anyway, there is absolutely nothing exciting happening to me right now, which is weird. I don't have a single funny story or interesting event that has happened to me this week. Dan and I have seen very little of each other due to long work hours and appointments and different schedules, so I don't even have funny conversations to replay. Maybe I've hit a rut, both in my life and in this blog? It's so frustrating to feel like you have so much to say but at the same time, nothing intresting to say.
Oh, except for the fact that I started a new diet, met a woman who I want to be best friends with even though she lives in Illinois, started visiting a chiropractor who believes in torture, celebrated a friend's birthday, seriously considered quitting my job and hung out with Dan, my high school sweetheart and another friend from high school at an Irish biker bar.

But other than that, totally boring week.


Mia McZ said...

Yay for high school friends! I linked to your blog :)

thewindhover said...

Oh dear Sara,
you have reason to brag; mostly because of your talent to be humourous in a wonderfully off beat kind of way (**take note Dan**). And I totally agree about chiropractors being torturous; going on and on about how they're change your life by cricking your neck, tapping your feet, and bending your back in ways it just isn't meant to bend. Sigh. But they do make life more interesting don't they?

JB said...

Chiropractors are the devil. I spent a whole summer going to see mine, three times a week. It was painful torture that brought on headaches afterwards. Can't they just invent a one-dose pill that will miraculously adjust your back without needing to be punched by that awful alignment machine?