Saturday, May 24, 2008

All Good Things Start With "S"

I am such a bad blogger. I blame Dan. Not for a particular reason, but just because I can.

Anyway, it's been a busy week around here. Lots of "s" activites.

Stamping - I've become hooked on rubber stamping. I spend more time than is healthy on reading tips from women who are way more talented than me, learning about new products and getting inspiration.

Shopping - This new hobby leads me back to my favorite hobby of course, shopping. Rubber stamps are expensive! Plus you *need* the extra stuff. Glitter and ink pads and paper and all kinds of embelishments. I've found myself talking in...

Slang - The website I spend too much time on, splitcoaststampers, has a special sort of slang for all things scrapbook related. Embellies (embelishments) SU (Stampin' Up) etc. This makes me talk in slang too. I feel so geeky. I'm typing to these women the same way I used to when IMing in high school.

Sisters - I have a big sis from one of the stamp groups I belong to. I know a little about her, but have no idea what her real name is or what she looks like. She sends me lot of presents and beautiful cards and other fun stuff, including chocolate. Mmm...chocolate. I also have a little sis, who isn't as chatty as my big sis. I sent her stuff, but no word yet on if she even got it!

Saving - as in "saving the animals." We had a fundraiser on Wednesday, which I somehow became the organizer of. The weather was awful and the American Idol finale was on, but we still managed to raise over $1000 from the people who showed up. The money funds a surgery for a pup that needed to have a leg removed due to a tumor. Dogs bounce back fast - within 24 hours of his surgery, he was playing with other puppies!

Searching - for a house. It's hard to house hunt right now. We don't know if we're moving or not - it's all based upon whether my parents sell their house or not. But we've started our search and found some great deals in Mesa, Gilbert and Maricopa. The ones in Maricopa are too cheap to ignore, but they're also a good hour at least from work. *sigh*

Sentimental - An old boss of mine passed away. His memorial service was on Friday, which I couldn't go to because of work. But a large part of me wouldn't have wanted to go anyway. I last saw him before he got sick, nearly two years ago. I didn't want to go see him like that. I wanted to be able to remember him as being healthy and strong. I wanted to be able to remember him as being the straightforward man who treated us like his family.

Serious - We went out to Best Buy today to buy Father's Day gifts. That's right, we're getting our required holiday shopping done in advance, we are so responsible. And I told Dan he could buy a new TV because the color in ours flickers and you have to literally hit the tv to fix it. But guess what? HE SAID NO. I'm considering taking him to a psychiatrist, but he said - and I quote - "No, I'm going to be an adult here. We don't need a new tv. Ours will work find for a little while longer."

Scheduling - We're planning a vacay. To Vegas again because I was outvoted. Don't get me wrong, I like Vegas. But we were just there in October and I would have preferred to go to World Wildlife Zoo as our vacation. Apparently "Glendale isn't a vacation Sara. It's 20 minutes away." Whatever.

Seeing - movies. We saw Ironman, Narnia and Indy. I had voted for Baby Mama and Made of Honor. I was outvoted. I'm not quite sure how I always lose the vote. There's only two of us in this marriage.

Sweets - We enjoyed delish cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory this week. And we picked up some fresh peaches from a local farm. Plus we bought peach salsa, which I almost drank from the jar it was so tasty. Plus we have Diet Mountain Dew Code Red in our friedge, which is one of my favorite sodas. My tummy has been happy lately.

Stalking - I just spent the past 3 hours reading my favorite blogs that I've missed all week! Dan's been good about reading them and giving me an update during my drive home from various meetings and volunteer stuff. But it's just not the same as when I read them myself. Probably because I imagine different voices for each of the blog's authors and Dan won't mimic those voices for me. He's no fun.

Gah, I don't like doing update posts. By the time I get around to them, I've forgotten all the funny things I've sad/seen/heard this week. Except these conversations...
Me: My hair is so freaking frizzy because of the humidity! I can't live anywhere humid. I've changed my mind about moving.
Dan: I've changed my mind about listening to you.

Dan: *while playing a video game* What am I doing? Why am I collecting these, they are worth nothing!
Me: You talk to yourself a lot.
Dan: It's better than me punching you in the face.
Me: *typing*
Dan: Are you blogging about that?
Me: Maybe.

I'm glad to see that a busy week and a lack of sleep do not stop us from domestic violence jokes.


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sandy said...

Haha, I imagine the blogger voices too! It just wouuldn't be the same if somebody read them to me.

Elizabeth said...

Sara- definitely go to the world wildlife zoo.. I spent a few hours there back in Feb when we were in AZ on vacation.. loved it..

but hubby is right.. it's only an afternoon.. not a vacation. But take your camera.. awesome shots!

"one of your enabling PIF friends"