Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shopping Block

coredinations, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Every once in awhile, I will hear of a product that strikes my fancy. I quickly become attached to the idea of holding this hot little product in my hands, no matter the cost. Dan says I get obsessed with finding it, whatever it is. I prefer to think of myself as dedicated, since "obsessed" has such negative connotations.
So recently, I was blog hopping and found a post about Core'Dinations paper. It is hardly a secret that I love scrapbook supplies. Plain, colored cardstock is my favorite, especially cardstock with a whote core. But this stuff? This fantastical cardstock that takes my breath away? It is black and has a COLORED CORE.
It takes very little to excite me.
I have set out on a quest to find this cardstock at a reasonable price. Every scrapbook store in my area does not carry it. Many had never even heard of it. (Amateurs!) I even called stores on the west side of town that I had never been to. That's dedication.
I started searching online. The only two places I could find it for less than $11 a pack were sold out. I finally decided I was willing to pay $12.50 plus shipping for this cardstock of the scrapping gods but alas, they too were sold out. Everywhere else that sells it-based in Australia and doesn't do out of country shipping. I know because I checked. That's dedication.
So now I have to learn patience and wait until it is no longer back ordered or until my local scrap stores get their acts together. It's kinda funny how Dan always tries to teach me patience and fails miserably. Yet a pack of cardstock will teach me what Dan can't.