Thursday, April 3, 2008

Off to Babies R Us!

door knob lock, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

It looks like we will be buying a few baby proofing items soon. No, not for the pitter patter of little baby feet. It's for the pitter patter of kitty claws.
Our cats used to make me chuckle with their ingenuity, or sheer stupidity depending on how you view it. We have to use a gallon of water to keep them out of the cupboards. We had to switch all the door knob handles to keep them from opening doors. We had to put Dan's desk in the closet to keep them from pulling on the wires. It was a constant battle to keep our cats from outsmarting us.
This morning, I opened the door to the office to find them missing. They had opened the other door from that room leading into the hallway and were downstairs, merrily tormeting the dogs in the backyard by sitting on the inside windowsill and flicking their tails towards them. It is rather funny to see how worked up the dogs get, but I'm afraid they'll get a concussion from throwing themselves against the windowpane over and over. We now have to buy baby proof door knob covers, which seems like an invention from a desperate parent. By the time we have kids, our house will be the most secure home on the block, thanks to our stupid/genius cats.