Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Only Took Me 20 Minutes

This may come as a shock to some of you, (ok, none of you) but I stink at computer stuff. The minimal things I know how to do, I discovered by accident and they're probably not the correct way to do things. I just don't have the patience to read instruction manuals. This ironically bugs Husband, who reads every manual that he comes across. Seriously. Car manuals, video game guides, cook books, appliance manuals. Every. Single. One.
Suzy from Inky Rubber made this watermark for me. I think she took pity on my computer illiteracy. She claimed it would be a piece of cake to add it to my photos of cards and other scrapbooked items. Oh Suzy, how you underestimated my technological stupidity.
It took me 20 minutes to figure out. Fonts to me are like free porn to a teenage boy-I know how to get them and where to squirrel them away so I can play with them later. That part was super easy. The rest of it? Not so much.
I finally figured it out thanks to Photoshop's help log and multiple searches. (What do you mean "just work, darn it!" isn't a valid search?!) And it turned out to be way easier than I was making it out to be. Turns out, when she said "drag and drop," she meant "drag and drop." I thought there'd be a trick somewhere...
I decided to save up and not post any stamping projects until I had a site dedicated to just them. That means I have a lot of crafting and photographing to do. So until then, you get to see a watermarked photo of my pseudo-niece Sierah just because I think she's cute.
If you're interested in purchasing a custom designed watermark, contact Suzy at Inky Rubber! She is not only a Photoshop pro, but she has some adorable stamping projects on her blog! I've been stalking for a few months now and mustered up the courage to ask her to make me a watermark. I'm so glad I did! Thanks Suzy!! I love it!!


Suzy (Doan) Tyler said...

Hi Sarah! I'm sorry that it took you 20 minutes! I should have taken some screen shots and put you a tutorial together. Forgive me?

Enjoy your watermark!