Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chance Encounters

I had to stop at Babies R Us today to purchase a gift for Dan's sister. While there, I happened to bump into an ex-boyfriend. Same guy who did illegal things to me/my stuff and required a restraining order. "Awkward" doesn't even describe it. He had the nerve to treat me like *I* was the psychopath ex!
Looking very nervous, he introduced me to the girl he was with, who was obviously very pregnant. Didn't specify her relationship to him though, which struck me as odd. She asked us how we knew each other and after a slight pause and no help from him, I replied "oh, we went to NAU together." This satisfied her and I took the next pause in conversation to wish them both good luck and scurried towards the baby clothes.
Of course, I then came home and complained to Dan that my crazy ex thinks I'm the crazy one and looked afraid of me.

Me: "Then she asked us where we knew each other from and I didn't want to tell her the truth. I just said we went to NAU together."
Dan: "You should have started off the conversation with '[ex's name] I think this violates the restraining order against you. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to step back 100 feet."
Me: "The restraining order was only for 60 days."
Dan: "So? He'd have to say 'that was only good for 60 days.' Either way, he has some explaining to do after that."

Leave it to my husband to find the humor in my past stalker.


Wegrit said...

Ugh. I hate running into crazy exes. Not the most fun ever and for me it always seems to happen when I'm out having a great time with my friends. Nothing kills a buzz faster than a run-in with a crazy ex.