Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Busy and Buzzing

The blog was strangely silent for a long while, mostly due to many events happening in a very short time span. But we're back and ready to blog!
March 20th marked my descent into adulthood. I turned the big 2-6. I am officially closer to 30 than 20, which I thought would worry me but hasn't phased me yet. The 20th landed on a Thursday, which does not lend itself to late night partying unless you are young and carefree. And since I am now 26, neither of those adjectives seem to describe me. So, we spent a fairly quiet evening at home with plans to celebrate that weekend. During work, we celebrated with chocolate raspberry cake. Later that day, Dan brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a copy of Enchanted, which I have declared to be my new favorite movie. He then went home to make my favorite dinner, proscuitto bruschetta and lasagna.

Unfortunately, I took only this photo of him cooking. By that time, he was basically done with the appetizer. I was hungry, it smelled yummy, and my camera was quickly abandoned in favor of food. But in case you were wondering, it was delish. We filled up on appetizers and saved the lasagna for future lunches/dinners.
That weekend, we gathered with some old friends to celebrate. It was fun to see all of them again. We haven't been together like that in over 4 years. We started at TGI Fridays for dinner with. Then took a trip to Bevmo which was an amazing place. I'm not a big drinker, but even Dan and I were amazed. We returned home for drinks and had quite the little bar going, especially since only a few of us drink. I had a rather large cherry martini, which is my favorite, and nursed that all night. Oh yeah. I'm a party animal. Dan and the others had a fair amount to drink. I'd even say Dan was slightly drunk by the end of the night.

Easter was spent with the Klick side, feasting on large amounts of food and celebrating my birthday even more. They got me a mint chocolate ice cream cake, which is one of my favorite desserts. (Hersheys with almonds is my absolute favorite, in case you were wondering what goodies to surprise me with.)
That week, we left for Ohio. Amy's gymnastics team was competing in the MAC championships and we were going to do our best to yell and scream and basically distract her while she competed. Never understood why there was cheering in gymnastics. Anyway, we fell in love with the town and the house prices and I told Dan that if he didn't let me move there and live in a big Cape Cod home, it was obvious he didn't love me.
...still in AZ. So he must not love me.

It was an awesome vacation and action packed. We decorated their locker room to surprise them. Every gymnast's family decorated a posted to hang up. We found the world's best BBQ place and brought home a quart of the sauce. I tried to drink it, Dan stifled my freedom. We fell in love with Sheetz convenience stores and discovered that "warm" in Ohio was 45 degrees. It was a great break from the work week and so neat to see where Amy lives.

It also helps that they won first place. Go KSU Flashes!


thewindhover said...

Oh happy birthday dear Sara! May the year ahead be full of surprises and delight...

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