Monday, April 14, 2008

Flattery, Insults-Same Thing

There's a gas station that I frequent almost every morning. I have a fountain soda addiction that is akin to coffee drinkers' need for caffeine. Anyway, this gas station is exactly one mile from the one I used to work at. I could probably get cheaper, if not free, sodas from my old workplace, but it's a mile out of my way and I will more than likely be late for standing around and chatting to Carrie, the manager. Thus, I go to a gas station where I don't know the employees.
So today I walk in and there is a guy standing next to the fountain soda machine, watching the news report on the tv screens above it. He glances at me and does a double take.

Guy: Hey, didn't you used to work at that other gas station down the street?
Me: Yes. It's been awhile though.
Guy: Yeah, I remember you. You were always so nice to me. And you have a great smile.
Me: Thanks, that sweet of you to say.
Guy: You never seemed to be unhappy at work and I saw you almost everyday.
Me: *uncomfortable, because I don't remember ever seeing this guy before* Ah, well yeah it was a fun job. I basically got paid to stand around and chat with my friends.
Guy: Cool, cool.
Me: ... *getting my soda and preparing to hurry away*
Guy: ... So, do you want to go grab dinner sometime?
Me: Oh, I'm flattered, but I'm married.
Guy: So? I am too.

At this point, a woman who has walked up to get a drink bursts out laughing. She actually pats me on the shoulder as she walks away, still laughing. I thanked him but told him I was happily married and not willing to cheat on my husband.

The guy shrugged, as if I was the weird one for not wanting to ruin my marriage.

I immediately came to work and told Gina, who pointed out that I should be flattered that he remember me after 2 years. But then she also pointed out that I should be insulted since I obviously look like a (bad word) who would cheat on her husband. What does one wear to put out the message "not a cheater?" Do they make t-shirts for that sort of thing?


Wegrit said...

Just wow! Some men just don't get it. It's mind boggling, really.