Monday, April 14, 2008

Help Me Win!

I have been hunting for a blog designer for awhile. I finally found one that I fell in love with, Delicious Design Studio. Coincidentally enough, she also runs All Things Cupcake, which I have been a tad obsessed with lately. Yes, I've climbed aboard the cupcake wagon because they are oh-so-yummy and oh-so-cute!
Back to the point, Dan said I could purchase a blog design, but we have to wait awhile. We've been doing a lot of travelling, plus there are a ton of bdays/weddings/babies being born recently, so most of our funds are going towards gifts and such.
Out of habit, I went to check out the Delicious Design Studio blog, in search of more of her work that I can use for my inspiration towards my future blog design. Imagine my thrill when I saw she's having a contest!
Please click on this link and help me win a free blog design! Or the second place prize, which is a free blog header! She'll track the number of visitors to her site and whoever sends the most her way, wins!


thewindhover said...

Yep - I've clicked and clicked - so you better win now lovely Sara!

Des said...

I clicked. Good luck, Sara!:)

Allison Fouse said...

I clicked, but alas, it was already over. A day late and a dollar short. Well, I tried!