Monday, March 17, 2008

Loving the Love List

I've really gotten into the blogging world in the past few weeks. A friend from 20 Something Bloggers had a link to She Likes Purple's love list. It was beautiful and heartfelt and insightful. I was inspired to create my own love list...

I love the smell of Fall and crisp air. I love the sound of a crackling fireplace. I love the sight of snow against vivid evergreens and sparkling blue rivers. I love the chirping birds that awaken the spring. I love the sight of fresh cut flowers on a kitchen counter. I love the smell of apple cider warming on the stove. I love the smell of fresh cut grass drifint in through open windows. I love Arizona sunsets.

I love clutching a shoebox that has a new pair of shoes inside, waiting to be opened, tried on and introduced to the world. I love shopping at stores that offer paper bags, so I can give them to the kitties to play in. I love wandering Hallmark for no particular reason. I love shopping by myself so that I can take hours to decide without feeling rushed. I love browsing antique stores.

I love craft shows and art festivals. I love the zoo. I love spending hours in the Sea World penguin exhibit. I love the idea of owning an exotic cuddly animal. I love chatting over an iced chai latte, or relaxing by myself sipping Tazo teas.

I love sitting in my leopard print chair, my feet tucked underneath a purring kitty, while reading my favorite blogs. I love wandering the book store, trying to find the next perfect book to spend hours pouring over. I love sitting and flipping through brainless magazines, gathing ideas for my next creative project or overly ambitious decorating scheme. I love Diet Mountain Dew Code Red. I love fountain soda, which tastes completely different depending on where you get it from. I love Tivo and it's miraculous fast forward button. I love carbs.

I love cheesy musicals. I love having the same 52 songs on a playlist and listening to them everyday, all day. I love watching dance shows, both in real life and on tv. I love getting my hair done. I love daydreaming of the past and dreaming of an amazing future. I love discovering an entertaining website or blog. I love the feeling of a freshly washed towel right out of the dryer. I love snuggling under a blanket and taking a nap on cool winter days.

I love lilies and the smell of gardenias. I love climbing into a freshly made bed. I love having more pillows than neccessary to prop myself up when reading. I love sobbing over sappy movies and tv shows. I love getting my hair done and the smell of obnoxiously expensive shampoo. I love spending too much time in a bubble bath and needing to rewarm the water multiple times. I love losing track of time as I am scrapbooking. I love finishing a difficult blog and the accompaning feeling of accomplishment.


Wegrit said...

What an uplifting entry!

The Noisy Plume said...



Anonymous said...

Agreed- very uplifting :)
I may just need to try this out on my blog, if ya don't mind me borrowing?

The Noisy Plume said...

By the way...I'm loving your new background wallpaper.
How did you do that???