Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Cats are Magic!

Oscar, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

Oscar has a bad habit of opening cupboards. After stumbling across a completely empty package of treats, we decided to hide them in other places. That didn't deter him, because he continued to open the cupboard under my sink and pulled out all my ...ahem..."womanly products" to play with.
This led to us filling a gallon bottle up with water and leaving it in front of the cupboard. As fab as our cats are, they don't have super-cat strength, so we were not worried.

Famous last words. ("We were not worried" that is. Not "super-cat strength." Although those would be neat last words. Anyway...)

So, I arrive home, discover more...ahem..."items" lying around, and I assume that the gallon of water had been moved and Someone had forgotten to move it back. Note that Dan's other name is Someone, because I never forget anything. For reals.
I go to put the water back, and it's already there. Hasn't moved an inch! And there's no possible other way to get into that cupboard, nor do I keep those things anywhere else.

Houdini cats!


JB said...

My cat also has a habit of getting into cupboards. Except with her, she usually sneaks in when you open it just a crack and you happen to look away for a second. She's such a tiny cat, though, that she often gets stuck in the cupboards and can't open them back up again to get out. Sometimes in the middle of the night, you'll hear "Bang, thud thud. Bang, thud thud," as she tries to push it open enough to get out.

Usually, though, she's content to munch on the plastic wrapping for the toilet paper or Q-Tips bag until the next person goes in.