Monday, March 10, 2008

Conversations with Dan

Dan is Finding Nemo, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

On the Lotto:
D: We won 5 dollars!
Me: How much did you pay for the ticket?
D: ...10 dollars.
Me: I don't think you understand how the lottery thing works.
D: That's it. I'm not buying you anything pretty with my winnings.

Love Notes:
S - You are a nut. That is all.
Love, D.
P.S. Where are we going for dinner?

On Pop Culture:
D: I know this is going to sound strange, but can you get on Ticketmaster at 10am sharp and try to get a pair of tickets for the Hannah Montana concert?
Me: ...I don't know what to say to that.
D: Remember the news report from last night? Tickets on Ebay are going for thousands of dollars!
Me: You'd want to rip off little kids?
D: It would be a life lesson. Don't listen to Disney pop music or you'll be poor.

On Baby Names:
Me: If we ever have twin girls, we should name the second one McKenzie Anne Klick.
D: "The second one?" What would the first girl's name be?
Me: Pomegranate. Her middle name too. Pomegranate Pomegranate Klick. Rolls right off the tongue.
D: Yeah, right off the tongue and into a strip club.


The Noisy Plume said...

Cannot breeeeeeeeeeathe......
laughhhing too hardd.

ChristinaA said...

Hi Sara, glad you found my blog. I was just browsing your own posts. I love the name McKenzie and have to say that's what I had picked if we ever had a child and it happen to be a girl. : ) BTW, conversations with Dan post is a riot! I can relate! LOL.