Friday, March 14, 2008

Not So Newlywed

Wedding Pic Closeup, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

The company I work for has a sister company. I know a few of their employees fairly well. Many I know them by sight but could not tell you their names to save my life. Most I have never met. There are the few who I see almost everyday but don't know much about. For awhile, our conversations consisted of them asking me how wedding planning was going. Then the awkwardness hit once I was officially married. What do we talk about now?
I get the question "how's married life" quite a bit. How am I supposed to answer that? "Awesome. Now that we're married, his farts smell like roses."
I normally make a joke about how I'm getting used to his snoring and how our divorce could be the result of him stealing the covers repeatedly throughout the night. They smile and nod their heads as if yes, all married couples have the exact same situation occur every evening. And yes, their husbands' farts smell like roses now too.
I received the weirdest question today though. When I was talking about a courier and her costume wearing bird, (long story, don't ask) someone told me that when she got divorced, she bought a bird too. And now that she's remarried, she got rid of the bird. She'll only buy a new one if she gets divorced again. Then she says "you got married a little while ago, right? Is he your first husband?"
I gave her a funny look and answered yes. I was shocked and unfortunately couldn't think of a snappy response like "well, only in the eyes of the state" or "first and second, actually." She then says to me, get this, "your next husband will probably be someone totally opposite of him. That's how it's been for me and all of my friends."

Ah. Glad to know that you think my marriage is doomed.

I've decided to avoid conversations with my kinda-cowker-but-not from now on. She makes me give her funny looks which will inevitably lead to wrinkles.


thewindhover said...

Oh Sara! You never cease to make me giggle... I too wonder at all the hub bub about marriages (especially first marriages) being doomed etc etc - the fact that we number marriages and its commonplace is crazy enough! Why can't we just marry and not worry about "probability and statistics" of breakdown etc - statistics that are probably taken by your lady with the bird anyway.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how desensitized people can get about things like marriage/ divorce? Weird.
Love your blog too!
And I really, really want to take your advice on staying in Chicago but come on, it's so cold!! I'm still jealous :)