Sunday, February 17, 2008

Did Someone Say "Surprise Trip?"

I didn't keep my promise about not harrassing Dan for the entire car ride. I kept asking him random questions. He didn't leave me at the side of the road though, so...kudos to Husband for not abandoning his wife on Valentine's Day.

We stayed in Greer, AZ. It's about 20 miles from New Mexico in Northern AZ.

When we first got there, there was snow on the ground, but it was mostly just ice. The picture below is from the balcony of our cabin, taken as soon as we got there. You can see the ground and the deathly piles of ice that nearly killed me. Twice.

This was our cabin, taken the next day after it had snowed. It was beautiful, had a fireplace and a strange squirrel decor theme. Check my flickr pics for a couple squirrel shots.

"Up to a foot of snow." Heh heh.

I was not dressed appropriately. My jeans actually froze. Dan was ok with just his fleece and gloves but I have a low tolderance for temperature changes. I was cold.

There was a stream/creek/river between our cabin and the main lodge where breakfast was served. We crossed a small bridge to get over there, and I tended to spend more time slipping and sliding than walking.
When we were leaving the next day, we had to clean the snow off my car. While Dan worked, I took a variety of photos. I am helpful.On the way back, the road was closed into Payson due to the snow. The cops made us detour through Globe. We were kind of upset at first. I wanted to go through Payson again and see how it looked with snow. I was sad that we'd have to drive through Show Low again and see the grey watery sleet that they called "snow." However, we hit the mountains and some beautiful foggy scenes.
The trip home took a bit longer than we thought. Between the snow, detour and rain coming into Phoenix, the drive took an additional 2 hours. But Dan let me go to Scrapbooks Etc. since we entered the valley down in Mesa. Technically it added to the total return trip time, but it added to the overall happiness of Sara. So, kudos to Hubby again.

This last picture is on here just because I thought it was hilarious. A topless club in Heber had a cow as it's sign. Yeah, I bet the girls there are quality.

Thanks for my surprise Valentine's trip Husband! I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to many more road trips with you in the years to come!


The Noisy Plume said...

...this looks like it was a lovely trip!