Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Husband...

I'm sorry I make it so difficult for you to surprise me. I'm sorry I harrass you to the point of you wanting to tear your ears off. I'm sorry I pester you with questions until you crack and tell me my presents earlier than the holidays.

However, I am not sorry that I always find out. I have no patience. You knew this before you married me, and thus it's your own fault.

Your Wife

Dan is whisking me off on a wintery getaway as a Valentine's Day gift. He already told my boss that I'd be gone and has planned everything in advance. I don't get to know where we're going until we get there. I was considering harrassing him the entire car ride, but part of my Valentine's gift to him is that I won't ask him 4 solid hours of questions about our ending destination. You're welcome Husband. I love you.