Tuesday, February 19, 2008

24k Goldfish

Pudge, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

My fish are slightly spoiled. I used to roll my eyes when Dan would make fun of my attachment to feeder goldfish. But then I decided to take a photo of my fish and their new moss balls decor. (*snicker* I said "balls.")
This made me realize that I spent $5 on each moss ball for the tank. And there are two of them. Plus I had to buy additional plant weights to keep them from floating, which didn't work by the way. On top of that, the house has a water softener and you can't use soft water in fresh water fish tanks. No idea why exactly, it has something to do with Chemistry and we all know how well Chem and I get along. So anyway, we have to buy gallons of drinking water for our 10 gallon fishtank which houses two feeder goldfish that I won at the State Fair. This is in addition to the fact that we had to buy a new tank for them, because their last one developed a brown algea that would not die. We also had to toss the decor, so we spent a large chunk of money at the pet store on fish supplies right after we moved. Again, for fish that cost 10 cents each.
If I didn't love Pudge and Nemo so much, I would understand why Dan makes fun of me for my fish obsession.