Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Resolution Update 2

MonsterLoCarbCan, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

I had this today. I am ashamed, but it was needed. Dan's snoring was so bad last night that the kitties were meowling along. ("Meowling" is a mix of meowing and howling. Our cats can't seem to meow normally.)
Anyway, in order to function, I needed this! Although it's nice to know that my coworkers are concerned...

Erica: I thought your resolution was to not drink those.
Me: more talking.

Candace: Caffeine huh?
Me: Yeah, I could barely keep my eyes open. I was craving it.
Candace: OK. I won't tell Dan.

Dear hubby will never know that my New Years resolution was broken only 12 days after making it. Because his resolution should have been to read and comment on "our" blog at least once a week, and we know that it'll never happen.