Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Only Splurge

Dior Mascara, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

When I was getting married, I did a lot of research on mascara. The way I figured it, there's a chance you'll cry, a chance you'll get very hot in the heavy dress, a chance that your husband shoves cake in your face. (The last one was not something that happened to me. I had threatened him numerous times in advance.) Anyway, everyone said that Dior was the best. It was marketed as waterproof, but it sticks like a Sharpie onto your lashes. I was skeptical because Dior specifically listed it as not waterproof and I need the waterproof ones. I'm emotional and knew I would cry, but also because eye makeup seems to run down my face as the day wears on. I sucked it up though and purchased a tiny little tube for a whopping $23. This may not seem like a lot of some of you, but I have never paid more than $4 for mascara before.
I took it home, carefully cradled in my purse and fearful that it would be the one day a purse snatcher attacks me. I didn't take it out of the box yet, but rather put it in a cool, dark place along with my favorite tube of lipgloss for the wedding. It was still 3 weeks away, but I wanted it all to be fresh and new on The Big Day. That's how much faith I put into online product reviewers. I didn't even test my new mascara before the wedding.
On The Big Day, my makeup artist coated my lashes with the mascara and I felt like a movie star. It stayed all night, without needing any touchups. And when I washed my face that night, it came off easily. Slightly skeptical that the mascara wasn't magic and I was just in a happy mood from the wedding, I tried it the next day too. It still made me feel like a movie star.
I wore it, without fail, everyday for the next 3 months. When the tube started to dry out, I nearly cried. Dan tried to get me to purchase some more because I complained about how my CoverGirl mascara was crappy nearly everyday. I just couldn't bring myself to purchase the expensive mascara again though-there was no special reason. So I suffered. And whined. And finally gave up on mascara completely.

...until today.

I figure that I saved myself about $20 from not wearing mascara since last April. (If you're actually doing the math - $4 a tube, once ever 2 months because I'm paranoid about germs = $20ish) Not only that, but I made a purchase on and needed to add an additional $10 to get free shipping and a free bonus gift. And I had a gift card. It was as if the fates lined up and lit the way.
My beautiful mascara arrives in 5-9 days. I placed the order exactly 3 hours ago and I have been obsessively checking it's shipping status ever since. It hasn't shipped yet, in case you're wondering.

I had a point to this blog but by now I've forgotten what it is because I kept getting distracted by checking the shipping status.