Monday, January 28, 2008

Money Does Buy Happiness

Beauty over Practicality, originally uploaded by Klick Here.

I am so materialistic, it's sad.

I have spent a good part of the day researching stuff online. Dan and I are planning on making two fairly large purchases in the next 6 months. The first, a new laptop. My computer has suddenly decided that running my oh-so-complex free games from is too tiring. It's not a big deal since I rarely get on my computer at home, but it's a pain to sit and wait 10 minutes for a page to load. And let's face it, I read a lot of blogs. Someday I'll be home sick and will need my daily dose of Dooce, and will be ticked when my computer doesn't work. So, we started researching laptops. We figure it will be good because I can use it at home, and Dan can take it to school when necessary. I want a pink one, but that was shot down almost immediately. I also pointed out one with a cool graphic pattern on the cover, but it was about $100 more than the same laptop without the picture on it. We've basically decided that we're getting a Sony and now we just need to narrow it down to one. (Sony's also come in spring green...just throwing that option out there....)
The seond major purchase we're considering is actually baby furniture. Before you start asking me if it's a boy or girl, let me explain. I was sitting in an uncomfortable arm chair as my tv watching chair in the office. I seriously don't understand why the thing was made, other than as a form of legal torture. The back arches, the arm rests are hard, the frame of the seat is not padded, so you sit in a cushy spot, only to have the frame digging into the bottom of your thighs. Dan lugged another chair up from my parents' library for me, but it's a soft fabric that will be uncomfortably warm once the summer hits. So, we started looking at recliners. Even at Costco, recliners cost a small fortune. This led to us researching rocking chairs and gliders, and I have fallen in love. The gliders are soft and cushy, often recline as well and have an ottoman that glides too. They are in neutral colors that match all decor and come in a variety of shapes and styles. We went to Babies R Us and sat in almost every single one they had, almost falling asleep from the comfort level. It was actually quite amusing to see Dan testing them all out as well. The only bad part of having him with me is that he didn't let me look at the adorable tiny baby clothes. Seriously, a plaid vest made for a newborn with matching beret was so cute, I almost threw up.
OK, back to the point. It may seem a little silly to be purchasing nursery furniture before even getting pregnant, but it would be comfy for me now and would be a solid investment piece that we could use again in the future. Plus, if we get the ones that look like an armchair instead of a traditional glider, (see pictures above) than we could pull it off as adult furniture. Assuming I ever move from it once we get it assembled. I want to get one that is a neutral sandstone color which is less comfy than a tan one. It's not that I don't like the tan, it's just that I like the sandstone color more. Is it bad to want to buy something more expensive and less comfy because of the color?

Husband, don't suggest we upholster the tan one. You and I both know that I would never be able to come to any sort of decision on fabric and it would stay tan forever. Don't pretend.