Sunday, November 4, 2007

Take a Seat-It's Been 2 Weeks and I've Got a Lot to Say

I've been MIA for 2 weeks from this blog. Every time I asked Dan to update for me, he'd say no. Guess the honeymoon is officially over.
Dan and I have been married for over a year. October 21st marked our one year anniversary. I originally intended to sit down on the 20th and write a long sappy blog about how much I love him. I wanted to tell everyone that he means the world to me, that I've learned so much about him. I wanted to tell everyone that I had found my soul mate. But I knew that no matter what words I used, they could never convey the deep emotions I felt. No blog, no story or poem, could ever make you readers feel the intense emotions I feel for my dear husband.
Ok ok. Truth be told, I was too lazy to write the blog.
That doesn't mean that I don't love him or view him as my soul mate. It just means that I know he won't love me any less for not being as PDA-friendly on my blog as we are in person. Yes, we are the couple that everyone hates. We kiss in public. We hold hands non stop. We tickle each other in mixed company. Not only do we not care, we love it. So deal.
We celebrated our anniversary by going to Vegas. Because what better way to celebrate the one year mark of making our union legal in the eyes of church and state, than by going to the city of sin.
We were supposed to go with both sets of parents, but Dan's mom had some doctor stuff she couldn't miss. So we went with just my parents, which in the long run was probably better since they paid for almost everything.
We didn't win money, but we definitely didn't lose as much as we thought we would. I view that as a win.
Elinor and Dave also celebrated their one year dating anniversary. They marked the occasion by getting engaged!! I am very happy and excited for them! And I am so excited to throw Elle a bridal shower and/or bachelorette party. I get to be a bridesmatron. (Not a bridesmaid since I'm married, right?) Anyway, she has picked gorgeous fall colors and is letting us wear whatever black dress we want to. Now this just means I have to diet for a year and find a perfect black dress that compliments her wedding style. I also can't get pregnant this year because I do not want to be the pregnant chick in all the photos. And I need new shoes.
Halloween was fun-we (and by "we" I mean "I" since Dan was at work) handed out candy. Only about 5 groups showed up, so we have a lot of candy leftover. It will slowly be funneled over to the candy dish at work. I have some cool pictures of a spider egg sack thing that I made, but I am going to save it for a blog next Halloween season.
I recently went to the doctor after much nagging from Dear Hubby. It was merely for a physical and to see why I was so tired all the time. When I showed up, they were running an hour behind so I did a lot of reading. Mostly Highlights for Children.
I got into the exam room and the doctor came to introduce herself. Then she started asking me questions about whether I had been previously pregnant or not, or how my cycle was. A little uncomfortable but I answered them all the same. Then she stood up, told me to change into the paper robe and that she'd be back in a few minutes. When I asked her why I needed to change, she looked at her notes and said "you're here for a well-woman exam, aren't you?" Nope, in fact I'd rather prefer it if I didn't have to do it right then. That's the sort of thing you have to mentally prepare yourself for. She basically told me too bad, since the general practitioner had gone home. There had been a mistake when they booked my appointment and they scheduled me with the OB-GYN instead.
Good news, I don't have cervical cancer. Bad news, I feel violated. And I have to schedule another appointment for the general practitioner. This is a perfect example of why I don't go to doctors.
Because of my doctor event, Dan bought me a penguin Christmas welcome mat for our apartment. We still have the Halloween decorations up, and now we have a Christmas mat out there as well. Our neighbors think we're insane.
Speaking of neighbors, our psycho neighbors moved. The husband enjoyed sitting outside his front door in nothing but boxers, prodding food on a tiny grill. Neither the boxers nor the grill covered enough. The wife would go outside in her nightgown, calling for her cats. Her screaming was so high pitched, I originally thought it was a cat howling. And they blared country music at 6:00am on Saturday mornings. I like country music, but come on.
You are welcome to join us for a "Adios Neighbors" party. Refreshments of cocktail wienies and warm beer will be provided.
I have an eye infection, which is curable by steroids. My eyes are going to be the buffest eyes ever. I put the steroid drops in 3 times a day and other eye drops every 2 hours. My eyes sting, but at least it'll all be over in a few days. Then I will walk around saying things like "have any tape? Cuz my eyes are ripped."
And, last but not least, I only have to buy Dan's Christmas gift and his dad's Christmas gift in order to finish my holiday shopping. Enjoy Black Friday, suckers. I'll think of you from my warm bed.