Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sheep: The Next Steven King Bestseller

"You're wearing your glasses again! I like them!"
"Thanks, but I prefer my contacts. I couldn't sleep last night. So when I tried to touch my contacts to my eyeballs, they rebelled and turned red."
"Why couldn't you sleep?"
"Dan woke me up because I turned over funny or something like that. Then I was ticked because I was awake. And then he told me he was going to play on his computer. So then when I muttered "fine, goodnight" at him and tried to go back to sleep, he said he wasn't going. Then I was even more ticked because he was making me feel guilty for trying to fall asleep when he was awake. So I basically turned my back to him and pretended to snore. But by that time I wasn't all that sleepy so I stared at the ceiling and counted penguins for awhile. Didn't help."
"Counted penguins?'
"Yeah. Sheep kinda freak me out."
"Are you scared of f***ing everything?!"


Dan said...

Seriously, grasshoppers...that is all

Sara and Dan Klick said...

That one is a normal fear. Grasshoppers are the devil incarnate. And they look ugly. Double whammy.

Wavegrl said...

I agree, grasshoppers. ..freaky