Friday, October 12, 2007

Loves her.

My almost-niece is comic gold. Her name is Sierah and she is currently being tamed by my best friend Jesika and her hubby Jim. Throw newcomer Allan into the mix and they are a living sitcom. Sierah is 2 and a half, Allan is almost 3 months and Jess and Jim are 24. They act like they're 12 sometimes though.


Whenever Sierah does something really well or learns something new, Jim tells her to give a high five. She now responds with "POUND IT!" and clenches her little hand into a fist. Mercy on you if you do not correctly pound it within 2 seconds. She will give you a withering look like you are the 2-year-old and she is the adult. The much smarter adult. With designer clothing bought off the discount rack at Marshalls.

Jess has been calling Allan "Fussbutt" because he whines whenever he is naked. This probably shouldn't be a term used around a 2-year-old because Sierah immediately began calling Allan "Fussbutt" as well. When she tired of the 8 letter name, she began calling him "Butt."

Sierah: Butt!
Jess: Sierah, you can't call Allan a butt. You have to think of another nickname for him.
Sierah: *thinking hard* VAGINA!