Monday, October 15, 2007


I love my little Mazda Protege. As much as I love my new car, I will miss this one. I got it in 2002, during the summer break. I had been driving my Dad's Mustang, so most of my friends thought my new car was a bummer. But I loved that it was mine. It was compact and easy to drive. It had a little Good Luck Cat on the dashboard that melted from the heat a year later. It had a no smoking rule. It also had a "no boys riding shotgun if there are girls in the car" rule. The latter being the most important rule.
I was told that it was bad luck to not name your car, so I pondered it for months. Jason, finally shaking me out of frustration, told me to just pick something. It was like having a child and calling him or her "It." So I hemmed and hawed over it some more. There just wasn't a name cute enough for my little car. There wasn't a sound or a symbol that was perfect enough for my little car. I kept calling it Little Car, which eventually turned into LC. Jason sggested Elsie and it stuck. Only took us 2 years to name her.
This is hard to see, but the shiny spot highlights a dent in the side. Dan was trying to show off and lift a chair out of it. He almost dropped it, so instead of letting it fall since it was in a protected box with lots of padding, he thrust it against the car to catch it. It left a dent. I proceeded to tell everyone that Dan threw a chair at my car. Sounds more exciting that way.
There's also a long scratch along the side. Hazards of dating crazy people. An ex took a key to Elsie's side. She's a trooper though-didn't even flinch.

This is a bullet chip in the paint. I could tell you how it happened, but then I'd have to kill you.